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Master Scent List

Silent Night Collection

The Holiday season is a time to be around friends and family. It's a time to reflect on the memories you've made during the year. Christmas is a time for love, laughter and happiness.  Decorations, cookies, presents and of course loved ones and Christmas Spirit.  The scents in this collection attempt to capture those scent memories from years passed and feelings experienced throughout the years.  Available 11/10

Boughs of Holly -  Red holly berries, holly leaves, sugared blackberries, sage, wisps of white jasmine.

Candlelight ServiceSoft honey aura, beeswax, butter cookies, yeast bread, cappuccino, milk chocolate, worn wooden pews, faintly snuffed candle. Not vegan (beeswax).

Cocoa Liqueur BombMilk chocolate, cocoa, tonka absolute, vanilla bourbon, rum, salted caramel toffee.

Glass BaubleSweet pudding like red hachiya persimmon pulp, fenugreek, citrus, red amber, white suede, golden musk.

Hazelnut TurroneHazelnuts, sugar, vanilla, soft chewy nougat.

JanuaryCold January winds, ozone, a faint whiff from flowers past and yet to come, bergamot, oakwood, labdanum, white amber.

Pear Kolaczki - Pears poached in a sweet brandy sauce with a single cinnamon stick spooned on top of buttery cream cheese dough, baked until flaky and topped with powdered sugar.

Polaris - Purple plum, cashmere, spiced vanilla, wisteria, ethereal silk, ebony, grounding patchouli.

The Naughty List - A steaming hot cup of dark roast coffee brewed in a French press with a heavy handed pour of Baileys Irish Cream liquor with no effs given.

Three Magi - Warm olibanum, siam wood, sweet myrrh, rich labdanum, heady tuberose, palo santo, golden vanilla, amber, sandalwood, a single subtle dissipating incense plume.

Yuletide Carols - Chestnuts roasting on an open birchwood fire, juniper, rosewood, a whisper of clove, Peru balsam, dark vanilla, silver musk. There's fire but no smoke notes.


Autumn Collection

The fall has its own special feeling and scents. Warm. Crisp. Autumn brings out the cozy while the cooling season makes itself felt around the holidays. Autumn is a season of change. Come explore memories of the scents and tastes of the season in crisp new combinations that expand your scent palate. 

Apple Festivala billion types of apples under a harvest moon, sandalwood, wooden apple crates.

Bat Song - Twilight skies, castle walls and a faint note of lavender with a whisper of cashmere.

Bittersweet Fall - Sweet potato, firewood, pumpkin, blood orange, autumn air.

Cosmopolitan, Hold the Vodka - Cranberry relish, cranberry sauce, cranberry jelly and cranberry baked goods. Cranberries in every form imaginable, vanilla, light musk & amber.

Goblin Market - Quince, cherries, dates, exotic spices, black hemlock, sweet myrrh, tolu balsam, matcha dust.

Not Sharing - Corn, sweet butter, fallen leaves, pint of Guinness.

Reaper Ride - Hay, acorns, creamed sugar, birch, cashmere & cemetery dirt.

Silkmoth - Mellis accord (citrus, neroli, rose), warm cardamom, labdanum, silk, sweet myrrh, tolu balsam, matcha dust.

The Invisible - Airy marshmallow, white oud and white sandalwood cloaked in a silk veil.

Witchberry - Harvested mixed red berries, rich amber, benzoin, teakwood, cardamom, gurjun balsam



The Phenomenon Collection is inspired by some of the most beautiful and powerful phenomenons in nature.  

Crown Shy - Purple hyssop, sweet resins, forest moss, rosewood, teakwood, guaiacwood.

Gravity A paradox of sweet and earthy: oakmoss, dark vanilla, crystallized brown sugar, warm amber, crisp balsam fir needle.

Halo - White sage, cashmere, silver musk, peppercorn, grey musk, split birchwood, algae, moss, purified mountain air, white sandalwood, black amber.

Lava Flow - Blood orange, red mandarin, scorched sugar, labdanum, dark vanilla, patchouli, cedar, benzoin.

Moonglade - Sheer amber, black vanilla, strawberry essence, grey musk & cashmere.

Nebula Bergamot, jasmine, white gardenia, tangerine, Madagascar & Hawaiian vanillas, smooth velvety darkwood, benzoin siam, Indonesian patchouli, vetiver.

Northern Lights Silky cashmere, drop of cardamom, white amber, violet, Oris butter, lotus blossom, ginger, milky aura.

Sort Sol - Lavender, yuzu, cranberry, apricot, sweet almond, copaiba balsam, benzoin siam and delicate spices.


Global Libations 

It's time for a mini vacation! There's nothing like a fresh scent to pull your soul to a new place. The Global Libations collection is an easy way to drink your way around the world, without the hangover!   

Canchánchara - Fresh squeezed lime juice, Cuban rum, clover honey and sugarcane juice.

Elderberry Punch - Muddled elderberries, grapefruit juice, orange peel zest, basil.

Green Tea - Steeped green tea, matcha powder, frothy milk, sugar syrup.

Horchata - Rice, almonds and cinnamon sticks that are soaked, strained and blended with evaporated milk, vanilla extract and cane sugar

Lady Earl Grey - Strong Earl Grey tea, steamed frothed milk, lavender and vanilla syrup.

Midori - Japanese sweet muskmelon, honeydew, cantaloupe liquor.

Orange Julius - Fresh squeezed orange juice, sugar, condensed milk, vanilla extract.

Taro Boba Tea - Purple taro blended with sweet cream, milk and served with chewy black tapioca pearl boba.

State of Aloha

The State of Aloha collection isn't just about the state of Hawaii, it's a state of mind that encompasses the Aloha Spirit.  

Hala Lani Pandan and Ti leaves, ripe hala fruit nectar, tuberose, honeybush extract, yellow flower pollen, pale musk, ebony wood, Tahitian vanilla.

Kaneohe Sunrise - Pomegranate seeds and juice, beeswax (not vegan), saffron, amber, vanilla.

Lava Tube Lookout - Pitaya, neroli, seaweed, chypre accord, red pine, elemi, salty ocean mist, ambergris, sea moss, vetiver.

Lilinoe - Fresh ginger, blue tansy, frangipani, white sage, champaca, Hawaiian sandalwood, oak, rich pipe tobacco, copaiba balsam.

Milk Shaka Fresh cow’s milk, coconut cream, oat milk, honey, light dry amber.

Mokoli'i - Blood orange, ocean air, ozone, benzoin, ambroxan, myrrh, balsam fir needle, oakmoss.

Nu'uanu Pali Winds - Winds so strong and constant you can lean against them: Fresh wind from the valley below & marine gales from the coast, freesia, ylang ylang, Surinam cherry, fir needle, cedar.

Royal Hawaiian Orchid and tiare flowers, cashmere, hinoki cypress, sea salt, pink musk, tonka absolute.

Shave Ice - Lilikoi syrup drenched shaved ice mounded over a scoop of vanilla ice cream and red adzuki beans, topped with sweetened condensed milk. 

Ube MalasadaFresh fried soft doughnuts filled with creamy purple ube and coconut haupia sprinkled with sugar and the slightest of cinnamon.


Seven Seas Collection

This collection celebrates the maritime era from a feisty female perspective!  It is ripe with empowered wenches that have debaucherous tendencies who won't think twice about making a backtalking, man-splaining pirate walk the plank!
Seven Seas Collection

Blimey - Aegean Sea
Notes: Crisp citrus, green notes, papaya, mango, exotic spice, Italian bergamot, sweet verbena, vetiver, rosewood, sandalwood, cardamom, patchouli, tobacco

Booty -  Baltic Sea
Notes:  Citrus, geranium, juniper, oatmeal, honey,  bourbon, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, cashmere, moss, vetiver and musk

Cockswain - Black Sea 
Notes:  Turkish coffee, scorched marshmallow, Graham cracker, chocolate shavings

Coffer - Tasman Sea
Notes:  Pacific coast driftwood, ocean spray, wild brush, ozone, musk, wild berries, jasmine, lilies, violet, teakwood

Notes:  Rum-spiked vanilla topped with whipped banana and a dusting of cardamom with exotic sandalwood and spices, teakwood, and bay rum.

Scallywag - North Sea
Notes:  Dry stout, blackberry, huckleberry, dragon's blood, rich amber

Swashbuckler -Caribbean/West Indies
Notes:  Aged merlot, oak wood smoked cognac, bay rum

Walk the Plank - Caspian Sea
Notes:  Plum, pipe tobacco, red currant, amber oud, balsam, violet, leather

Patisserie Collection ( '21)

The Patisserie collection is an assortment of glorious gourmand scents that were inspired by  small French bakeries and dessert mongers who make irresistible sweet treats! We are unabashed dessert addicts.  Yes, may I have a dozen of each?
Patisserie Collection

Alsace Rhubarb Crème a la rhubarb is one of the most popular desserts in Alsace, France.  The creamy concoction of eggs, sugar, cream and tart rhubarb is a beautifully blended contrast between acidity and sweetness.

Carrot Cake Ice Cream – At a small old fashioned ice cream parlor they churn their sweet cream and sugar with hunks of real carrot cake from the bakery next door. The combination is mind blowing!  It’s ice cream, smooth, creamy and cold but it tastes exactly like carrot cake!  Notes:  Sweet buttercream, cream cheese, chewy chunks or carrot cake.

Crème Caramel FlanA creamy custard made with eggs, milk and caramelized sugar topping.

– Éclairs are believed to have been invented by Marie-Antoine Carême who was a pastry chef for French royalty in the 19th century.  Notes: Choux dough filled with sugar cream and topped with chocolate icing.

German Chocolate Cake
– German chocolate cake was originally called “German’s Chocolate Cake” after the English-American chocolatier Samuel German who developed a dark baking chocolate that came to be used in the cake!  Notes: Layers of decadent dark chocolate cake filled and topped with creamy coconut and pecan frosting. 

Mais Bouffée
Puffed sweet corn kernels enveloped in marshmallow served on a popsicle stick while still warm and gooey.

Pumpkin Monkey
– A combination of two comfort food desserts! Who doesn’t love pulling apart monkey bread, sticky and sweet?  Add pumpkin and it’s just too much to resist, at least for us!  Notes:  Pumpkin puré, fresh baked sweetbread, sticky sweet syrup icing, pinch of cinnamon and spices.

Rum Raisin Pie
– Old fashioned pie crust filled with plump rum soaked raisins, pistachios, evaporated milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract.

Kauai (2021)

The Kauai Collection is a tribute to the Garden Isle, the second oldest of the Hawaiian islands.  Hawaii is Bri's (Damask Haus creator) absolute favorite place on earth! The energy, atmosphere and landscape there is pure heaven. The Kauai collection is her attempt to capture the scent memories from her experiences there.
Kauai Collection

Allerton Garden – Once home to Queen Emma this Hawaiian garden is home to numerous Moreton Bay Fig trees which are some of most majestic fig trees and known for their imposing buttress roots.  Notes:  A feast for the senses - fresh fig layered over sweet almond and sharp papaya, slathered in kiawe honey and dusted with endemic Hawaiian herbs, served on bed of rich teakwood with a splash of bay rum

Hanalei Farmer’s Market
– Invokes the relaxed feeling only felt when exploring the local farmer’s market where you simply cannot leave without a box full of the freshest produce and finest wares.  Notes:  A scent-burst of the best market purchases:  the tropical drink you purchased from a vender on your way in, a sleeve of sugar cookies, fresh cut fruit bowls, fancy hibiscus flower and bergamot orange arrangements, with the slightest hint of forest pine from the surrounding park, and rich ambered patchouli.

– Salted Mango Caramels made from scratch with cane sugar from Koloa’s long forgotten sugar plantation, cream from a local dairy farm and mangos picked from your neighbor’s tree.  Shhhh!  They won’t notice, we promise.  Notes:  This sexy dessert of a scent is an elegant swirl of deep, luscious burnt cane sugar combined with full-bodied cream and juicy, dripping mango covered in sticky-sweet honey.

– The botanical gardens found in Limahuli are the most bio-diverse valleys in all of Hawaii.  This place of refuge surrounded by peaks and ridges is filled with endangered plants and birds found nowhere else.  Notes:  Tall Cook Pines towering over a bed of tropical flora (spicy Hawaiian Ginger, the nectarine sweetness of seaberry, crisp bamboo, and swaying valley pili grass) kissed with the sweetness of kiawe honey and grounded with just a touch of earthy patchouli.

Po’ipu Beach
– Where the surf is always calm and the azul water crystal clear, enticing you to lay your towel on the warm sand and bask in the perfect ocean breeze and tepid sun. While we can't promise you a vacation in a bottle, if you're a fan of the discontinued Island Essence Scent from Sandal's Red Lane Spa, this might just bring you sweet memories! A Damask Haus fan pointed this out!  Notes: A spray of rich, floral Plumeria, mixed with tropical coconut and the fabulous  vanilla bean orchid, luxuriously overlaying a base of forest pine.

German Karneval (2021)

The German Karneval collection celebrates German Karneval season and part of Damask Haus creator's German heritage.
German Karneval

Berliners – German doughnuts filled with sticky raspberry jelly served straight from the fryer.  Notes: Complex fruity raspberry mingling with the essence of rich vanilla extract on a bed of warm, yeasty, fried dough.

Kirschenplotzer – This German Cherry Cake translates to “fallen cherry” uses leftover bread rolls soaked in sweeten milk, baked and served warm. Notes:  Rich and comforting vanilla laced over sweet warm bread rolls doused in rich cream, lush red cherries, a hint of almond extract with a base of warm amber and smoky vetiver to balance the scent.

Neuschwanstein – The idyllic Bavarian castle built for King Ludwig II with sweeping views of the snowcapped Säuling mountain peak, surrounding lakes and coniferous forest. Notes:   An earthy yet whimsical vanilla combines with crisp winter air and fluffy sticky-sweet, cloud-like marshmallows that pair with fallen logs and grounding patchouli that is spiced with a combination of rum and flavorful red berry, all kissed by a crisp hint of chilled mint.

Orange Streusel
– Oma’s (Grandma’s) orange streusel was reserved for adults but she always snuck you a piece because she loved you best.  Notes:  Crisp citrus of mandarin and orange zest lending flavoring to the richest yellow cake batter you've still ever tasted, as sweet tobacco swirls through the air and you bite into the crunchy sugar topping with a pinch of cinnamon which was always your favorite.

House Collection 

The House collection includes general catalog, non-seasonal scents. 
House Collection

Andes Creme Candies - Old school after dinner mints:  Chocolate, mint, alpine accord

Antoinette - Layers of decadent white and yellow cakes with orange buttercream frosting and jasmine infused fondant.

Apple Festival -  Notes: a billion types of apples under a harvest moon, sandalwood, wooden apple crates

Apricot Orchard – A heavy wicker picnic basket filled to the absolute brim with ripe Nebraskan apricots that were just picked on a warm August day.  Notes: Apricot, vanilla, nectar, sweet tobacco, papaya, wicker accord.

Black Lilac - Lilac, black currant, evergreen accord, touch of tonka bean.

Candied Almonds
- Roasted almonds coated in caramelized cinnamon sugar and aromatic spices.

Carcassonne - The historic 27 acre fortified city of Carcassonne, France consists of a concentric design of two outer walls with 53 towers and barbicans to prevent attacks by siege, including a centralized castle, cathedral, moat and drawbridge with sections dating back to the medieval period.  Notes: Bitter & sweet almond, black tea, amber oud, sandalwood, benzoin Siam

Cloud Puffs - Fluffy sweet spun sugar cotton candy. 

Damasco - A sultry fusion of spice and sweet, this scent features sweet spiced amardine, warm spicy cardamom, balsamic-spicy elemi, dark creamy vanilla custard balanced by a whisper of grounding patchouli.

Dark Forest Cherry – The darkest hue of ripened deep red cherries on a tree in a forgotten forest.  Nobody else is around, all the cherries are yours. Notes:  Cherry, fresh cut wood, sandalwood, ylang ylang, cherry blossom, bergamot, amber.

Deep State Mango - Ripe juicy mango, twisted grapefruit, balsam, teakwood, ambergris accord.

Fairy Dust  - Fairies are not the cute little tinker bells as they are often depicted.  Their magic is powerful and fluid with their emotional states.  A festive fairy’s dust can lull you into bliss whereas a foul mooded fae can dust your ass into utter chaos.  Thank god you brought her an offering…  Notes: midnight air in the fae realm where sandalwood trees bloom spun sugar puffs, a wreath of subtle jasmine and sweets sets atop an old stump adorned with a cotton tablecloth that sways in the wind as an offering.

Filthy Femme - Date night slink in a bottle - a sexy mixture of sultry amber, seductive silk, salty skin caressed with rich vanilla-y benzoin in a dance of clean white musk and earthy red musk.

Grecian Fig - Green & Black figs ripened by the Mediterranean warm sun, juicy lychee fruit, pink hibiscus flowers, cedar & driftwood, rich labdanum, grounding patchouli, sacred frankincense, ambrosial spices.

Honeymoon - Sticky honey, sweet creamy guava, warm rosewood and wisps of red musk.

HopeQuince, star jasmine, green banana leaves, holly berry, coriander, oakmoss, ambrette seed absolute, vanilla musk, ambroxan - (April '22 Alcohol Recovery charity scent)

Lavender Lace - Lavender, honey, sugar crusted lilacs, vetiver

Le Petit Morte au Chocolat - If Chocolat (the movie) had a scent, this would be it!  Rich cocoa absolute unites simple creamy vanilla and the complex (tobacco vanilla almond) gourmand essence of tonka with a slide of silk across hard aromatic cedar, warm moss, and resinous, honey-rich wood amber.

Lonicera Libation - A refreshing blended daiquiri of honeysuckle essence, grapefruit & pineapple juices topped with a maraschino cherry sipped by the shoreline

Lotus Water - Pristine water lilies floating in a candlelit lagoon.  Notes:  Lotus blossom,  hakone grass, sweet creamed strawberries, earthy wood, pinch of patchouli.

Lust - A walk along the beach, sipping a certain famous beach drink, swirled into a scent. Green, honeyed mimosa, sweet cream and decadent custard, warm cashmere, sweet ambergris and a spray of ocean salt. 

Mayan Meade - Spicy Mexican hot chocolate! A combination of warm deliciousness, spicy and sultry. Notes: Cocoa absolute, frothy milk, spices and amber. 

Moon Milk - Evoke a mystical lunar mindset with this floral atmospheric. Sweet honeysuckle entwines with the crisp citrus of pink grapefruit and creamy sandalwood, drifting on a hint of earthy patchouli while rosy guaiac joins with the vanilla whiskey of benzoin amber and a sip of rich, earthy black tea.

Nocturnal Tendencies – Exploring the dark finding yourself surrounded by botanicals that only reveal themselves at night when they feel safe in the presence of like-minded nocturnal beings.  Notes: White sage basking in moonlight, violet, orchid, frankincense, myrrh, amber, cedar, sweet dewed grass, wisps of jasmine.

Pineberry Splash - A veritable fruit explosion! Notes: Raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, grapefruit, balsam accord.

Pink Cumulus - A sweet blissed-out blend of airy marshmallow, summer strawberry and sun-ripened raspberry, laced with essence of woody oakmoss, trailed by a silk scarf skipping through an ocean breeze to pirouette into an airy musk infused with ozone.

Pink Guimauve - Pink marshmallow, strawberry, berry blossom 

Raspberry Rosé - Pink roses, raspberry essence and marshmallow fluff.

Rosario - Vanilla water, floral petals (lotus, rose, jasmine and orchid), white amber,  sandalwood and ambergris accord. 

Saturday Morning- A favorite memory from childhood!  Notes: Saturday morning cartoons, a huge bowl filled with every type of cereal mom says has too much sugar, some with tiny colored marshmallows, saturated in milk, some which you spilled in your pour.

Selkie - cashmere, deep ocean water, oakmoss, ozone, ambergris, rich amber, Siberia fir, patchouli, petrichor.

Steam Queen - Subtle is sexy. Delicate pink orchid and sweetly tart bergamot interweave with woody amber and warm vanilla against a tableau of rich teakwood and delicate ambergris.

Sweet Bee - Sweet viscous honey tempered with pink grapefruit, fragrant jasmine, spicy violet, pollen, and creamy sandalwood.

Violet Glacé - Turbinado and brown sugar encrusted violets.

Witchberry - Harvested mixed red berries, rich amber, benzoin, teakwood, cardamom, gurjun balsam


Retired Scents

These scents have been retired and are for archive purposes only.


Beach Goddess - Bergamot, ocean air, thyme, lavender, vetiver, sandalwood, cedar. Retiring 11/14/22

Driftwood Sunset Palo Santo, blood orange, pomegranate, peach flower blossom, cardamom, floral musk, guaiac wood, frankincense. Retiring 11/14/22

Emerald Oasis Pink grapefruit, geranium, jasmine, fougere accord, Spanish moss, drenching summer rain, green patchouli. Retiring 11/14/22

Flower Fort Hyacinth, sheer musk, Armenian wood, sandalwood, cardamom, tree moss. Retiring 11/14/22

Lip Smacker - Lemon custard tart with browned butter almond flour crust. Retiring 11/14/22

Pinkies Up - Two types of black tea, guava, neroli, maraschino cherry, oakmoss. Retiring 11/14/22

Star Dust - Ripe yellow star fruit, orange blossom, ozone, myrrh, ebony, black agar. Retiring 11/14/22

Sundress Weather - Lush peach juice, oakmoss, patchouli, bay leaf, cashmere. Retiring 11/14/22

White Sea - Exotic ocean floral and white musk. Notes:  Teak driftwood, swirling ocean current, jasmine petals, bamboo and white musk. 

Sierra Nevada - California white sage, amber, sabra, ylang ylang, wild red berries.

Moon Gazing - Velvety lily, moonflowers glistening under cool moonlight, sheer musk, sugar dusted raspberries, fluffy blankets.

Savannah Stroll - An evening stroll in Savannah: Fragrant blooming magnolia, luscious Georgia peach, radiant white musk, effervescent sparkling aldehydes.

Strawberry Festival - The Florida Strawberry Festival is an annual classic! It has rides, games and every strawberry concoction imaginable under the hot Florida sun! This year we were inspired from our own experience while picking at a local strawberry patch. The air was filled with the smell of ripe red strawberries, open fields of green grass surrounded us as well as the nutrient rich soil that hosted our bountiful harvest.

Tulip Fields - Endless rows of colorful tulips grown on a Holland hillside, bright palo santo, rooty carrot seed, dry vetiver and weathered windmill wood.

Tuscany Vineyard - Aged merlot, lattice vines of grapes growing in the vineyard, tomato leaf, red sultry amber, Peru balsam and a dash of pure vanilla.

Windsor Garden - Bright mimosa flower, sweet mandarin, botanical gin, soothing rosewood, soft florals (honeysuckle, muguet), ambergris accord.

BeLoved You’ll never compare apples and oranges after experiencing this fruity floral blend! Rich, juicy red apple combines with tart, floral blood orange overlayed on a trifecta of blooms  - freesia, magnolia and Arabian jasmine - nestled in a bed of tropical coconut, sun-dried cotton, and creamy sandalwood. 

Flirt - A tropical fruity floral that mingles a duet of soft orchid and bright hibiscus flowers with a wink of vanilla heliotrope and a peck of  ripe red raspberry set against a backdrop of rich ebony wood, tropical orchid vanilla, sweet tonka, and sea salt. 

Jelly Beans & G-Strings – A playful twirl of sweet jelly beans, sultry amber, sensuous silk and a hint of musk - a wearable version of a beloved character’s favorite phrase. 

Lady In The Streets - Arouse an atmosphere of enchantment with this scent that unites salty seaweed from a siren’s hair, night-blooming jasmine, a wood nymph’s muguet du bois, energy clearing palo santo, rich smooth vanilla-y benzoin, the green tomato leaf of a sultry southern afternoon, the silk of a naughty nightgown, and a hint of rich amber. 

Queen Of Hearts - A heartbreaker’s scent, this delicious rich chocolaty floral opens with the magical trio of blooms -  protective tuberose, night-blooming jasmine, and sacred lotus - anchored with earthy, woodsy oakmoss echoing notes of cedar and ebony wood with an underlay of rich, decadent chocolate. 

Queen of Tarts Ripe, tart pear and juicy, red raspberry overlay creamy coconut and pink rose across soft white musk and a subtle gourmand undertwist of sugared vanilla almonds.

XOXO - A cool floral blend of heather and lavender spiced with coriander and cardamon, wrapped in a triad of warm woods - sweet, floral sandalwood, green bamboo, and aromatic cedar -  then sprinkled with a kiss of salted vanilla caramel. 


Blue QingniaoHolly berry, white sage, blue agave, vetiver, cedar, sea mist.

Centaur benzoin siam, earthy moss, oakmoss, cedar, sandalwood, fur musk undertones.

Chimera Pomegranate, ambergris, Peru balsam, frankincense, orbs of green and red amber.

Chinese DragonSilky cashmere, moss, dragon's blood, incense, tonka absolute.

Dryad Scotch pine, oakmoss, eucalyptus, petrichor, oak, vanilla, creamy sandalwood

Fenghuang - Orange Blossom, mango, blood orange, chestnut, cashmere, amber, guaiac heart, jasmine 

Gremlin pistachio, maple-soaked oakwood, sandalwood, tonka, silk

Heidrun dark chocolate, cognac, oak barrel aged whisky, oakmoss, tonka bean, sandalwood, praline, patchouli

Ogre Sweet tobacco, smoldering birchwood, star anise, chai spice, virginia cedarwood, ogre musk.

Sphinx poppy, blackberry, pomegranate, peppercorn, Egyptian musk, Arabian resin, sandalwood, frankincense, velvety amber

Yeti -  Alpine fir needles, cedar, wisteria, clove, patchouli, soft yeti fur.


Das BonBon – Sweet tooth? This concoction will rot your teeth. Don’t eat it!  Really, it is perfume. So, you know, don’t eat it.  Every sweet you can imagine from an old fashioned candy shoppe.  Notes: Gummy bears, Peeps, Bit-O-Honey, Snickers, Cotton Candy on a stick, sugared fruit slices, jelly beans, bubble gum, taffy, jollies and always lollies.

Chocolate Rum Balls – This is an adult chocolate to serve all your PMS needs without any of the calories or regret.  Notes: Milk chocolate, spiced rum, confectioners’ sugar, cocoa powder, almond and vanilla

Death by Strawberry – Biting into hard candy glazed, overly juicy ripe strawberries.  The candy coating crunches in your teeth while the nectar juice trickles down your lips and chin.  Notes:  Strawberry, hard candy coating, sugar water, amber, grounding pinch of dirt.  

Gnarlwood - Sandalwood, over ripe fruits, pipe tobacco, lumberjack. This is an intensely dark scent thus may not be for everyone.  

PeachyKeen- Luscious peaches with extra fuzzy skins, pink water blooming blossoms, tropical hardwood accord.  

Spring Equinox – A delightful scent reminiscent of childhood memories in Spring, when treat filled eggs were found and pictures were taken on the lap of often scary looking hares.  Notes: Marshmallow, jelly bean, azalea, grass, orange zest.