Current turn around time is 4-6 business days. Free shipping with US orders $100+. Afterpay & Klarna accepted!
Current turn around time is 4-6 business days. Free shipping with US orders $100+. Afterpay & Klarna accepted!
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About Damask Haus:
Prior to the pandemic Bri Beyer had been blending perfumes for regional festivals and art shows. Festival-free 2020 prompted her to found Damask Haus as a digital outlet for her lifelong passion for the subtle decadence of fine perfume. Bri infuses into every Damask Haus perfume creation her deep love for travel, obsession with fine foods, and fervor for alcohol/addiction recovery. 
In 2011, Bri made the decision to recover from alcohol use and change her life. As she transformed her life, she found solace, enjoyment, and a renewed zeal for life creating scents. Fast forward a decade, she now enjoys nothing more than capturing a mood, a memory, or the essence of a scene or setting and then presenting that perfume creation to enhance the enjoyment of others. Bri uses only high quality ingredients in her creations including natural materials (absolutes, tinctures, concretes, resins, essential oils) and synthetic aromatic molecules/chemicals, always following IFRA safety standards.


Memory Sense

Scent is the strongest of the memory senses! Do you remember your grandmother’s damask tablecloth? Simple, elegant and a little understated but setting a specific tone for the whole meal. When that tablecloth came out, you knew fine food, good conversation, and the fancy silverware were about to happen. Or perhaps you were too young to remember those visuals but a certain smell will bring you back in and instant! That is the power of scent in memory. Long after you have forgotten the sights and sounds of a memory, and other details are hazy, the scent of it will remain locked in your soul. For example, you might not even remember that damask tablecloth from when you were a child but if you smelled your grandmother’s perfume from that time you would remember it. Scent memory is pure magic! 

At Damask Haus, we believe self-care is not a luxury. It is a necessity! And with a Damask Haus perfume, you can enjoy doing good while spoiling yourself, just a little. Bri donates a percentage of Damask Haus profits to community addiction recovery efforts annually.